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About the adventure park

  • Appropriate for all visitors from the age of 4
  • Located in an amazing forest at the Bukovnica Lake
  • 7 unique elements, altogether 66 different elements
  • Free fall - A special attraction from a height of 10 meters.
  • Zipline adventure with a total length of 286 meters.
  • Programmes adjusted to age and performance
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Capacity: 100 visitors

Stork flight

The longest climbing route with a diameter of 52 meters.

The Bukovniško jezero Adventure Park offers

6 different climbing routes

(Altogether 65 different elements + Free fall)

Age/height requirements Elements Height
Age: 4 - 10 years and more Height: 120 cm with arms fully stretched 11 1,5 - 2,5 m
Age: 6 years and more Height: 140 cm with arms fully stretched 13 3,5 - 4,5 m
Age: 8 years and more Height: 160 cm with arms fully stretched 15 6 - 8 m
Age: 8 years and more Height: 160 cm with arms fully stretched 15 6 - 8 m
Age: 8 years and more Height: 160 cm with arms fully stretched 7 6 - 8 m
all visitors 4 1.5 m
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Packages & Prices

Individual visits
School groups
Family reunions
Team building

Individual visits

Loose stress and slow down!

If you are a sports enthusiast or you simply want to try out something new, come to the Bukovniško jezero Adventure Park and become part of an amazing adventure. Choose a programme with difficult or less challenging elements according to your age, abilities and physical condition. The bravest among you can climb our highest elements or try the 27 meters long stork flight.

In the vicinity of the park you will find 50 relaxing energy points.

Rely on yourself!

Price list

For individuals


  • under 7: 10,00 EUR
  • under 14: 15,00 EUR

Adults: 20,00 EUR

Annual passes:

  • Children: 75,00 EUR
  • Adults: 100,00 EUR

For groups

For groups over 25 people
From Monday to Friday


  • Under 7: 8,00 EUR
  • Under 14: 12,00 EUR

Adults: 16,00 EUR

Free fall

1 JUMP: 5,00 EUR

School groups

The perfect sports day for primary and secondary schools!

We developed a special programme for preschools, primary and secondary schools, which is perfect for sports days and excursions.

With different levels and 5 routes we can adapt to groups of all ages. Our programmes are appropriate for all children from the age of 4.

Each group has an instructor, who guides the children during the programmes and keeps them safe and amused.

Fun, safe and educational!

Sports days in the adventure park

Preschools and primary schools
(1st - 3rd grade)

The programme lasts 2 hours.
Max. capacity:

  • 25 preschool age children
  • 50 primary school age children
10,00 EUR

Primary schools
(4th - 9th grade) and
secondary schools

The programme lasts 3 hours.
Max. capacity:

  • 100 primary school age children
  • 100 secondary school age children
15,00 EUR

Family reunions

An unforgettable adventure for the whole family!

Visiting our adventure park could be the perfect family trip over the weekend or during holidays. At the same time it is a great opportunity for you, your children, spouse or grandparents to grab some fresh air, relax and have fun. We will find a programme that fits your age, physical condition and abilities.

The park is also appropriate for elderly people, who want to renew their strength and fill up their batteries on the nearby energy points. Spend more time with your family and experience an unforgettable family adventure.

Recreation, relaxation and amusement!

Price list


2 adults + 1 child:

  • 45,00 EUR

2 adults + 2 children:

  • 55,00 EUR

Birthday in Adventure Park(The price is valid for 10 children)


  • Climbing,
  • Pizza and
  • Drinks
230,00 EUR


The Bukovniško jezero Adventure Park is the perfect place for the coolest birthday parties and greatest adventures. For enquiries and reservations, please contact our staff.

Team building

For companies and staff!

We also provide special team building programmes for closed business groups.

The purpose of these programmes is to help you bond with your co-workers and make new friends. Team building has been extremely popular in foreign countries for quite a while and just recently it started to spread over the Slovenian market with equal success. Joint adventures are namely perfect for deepening the ties of friendship, gaining trust among co-workers and creating better working conditions and a healthier working environment.

Trust and cooperation!

Price list

Price on application.

For offers please send an e-mail to: info at-no-spam pustolovskipark dot-no-spam si

Pravila uporabe

*All programmes for organized school groups come with an instructor.
Each group gets an instructor or path leader, who is present during all activities in the park, so that larger groups of children can spend time in the park without adult supervision.

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