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The majority of web sites uses cookies for improving user experience and visitor tracking. They are a handy tool for maintaining up to date and appropriate content, which meets the preferences of our web site users. We use cookies on our web site for their ability to store data on individual web sites (details about their modifications), collecting various statistics and user activity they allow us to monitor visits to a specific content on our web site. With cookies we monitor the effectiveness of our web site design and suitability of the content on the subpages.

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This web site uses cookies for improving user experience and visitor tracking.


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You can manage cookies for yourself. Cookies can be deleted or blocked by changing your web browser settings. The instructions can be found under the Help section of your web browser. However, if you block cookies some parts of the web site may not work properly.


Changes to the privacy policy
All changes to our privacy policy will be posted on this subpage. Please, regularly check our privacy policy for any updates or changes.


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